The focus of FirmLeaders is always on the development  of tailor-made programs  in line with your company strategy. Your organisation culture forms the learning climate. The programs are always a combination of hard and soft skills,  of  learning and working, both in groups and individually.  Call or email us for an initial discussion and tailor-made ideas.

  •  Leadership development programs or Executive leaders, Managers or Team leaders
  • Professional development programs For Finance, HR, Legal, Tax or IT professionals
  • Organisational coaching    Culture analysis and Change management programs.
  • Team coaching  Facilitates teams ‘from bad to good’ and ‘from good to great’.
  • Personal coaching   *at the individual request; introduction meeting+ 3-5 coaching sessions
    of 2 hrs each  *at the request of your organisation: triangle meeting, 3-5 sessions of 2
    hrs each  and closing 
    triangle meeting (you, your boss and the coach)
  • Masterclasses, workshops, training. For example:
    “Choose your battles”. About recognising and influencing political games in organisations.
    “What’s not in there, won’t come out”. About culture analysis and culture development
    “Are you a slave to or a master of your strengths?” About the route from manager to leader.
    “How to rise above my own ceiling?”. About breaking through your own patterns.
  •  Chairman/presenter/facilitator at seminars and conventions.