FirmLeaders is Netherlands-based with over 20 years of experience in consulting, training and coaching of executives, managers and professionals.

Petronel Bijlsma is the founder and managing director of FirmLeaders. She has over 20 years experience as a management consultant, leadership trainer and executive coach. This has been gained  with and through her clients from several former employers (KPMG Consulting, Hay Consulting, De Baak) and as a self-employed since 2004. A long time ago, she studied Business Administration at the University of Groningen. A highlight of her career has been the co-founding of a low-cost value driven airline in Europe.
Depending on the nature and scope of the projects, FirmLeaders brings together other national and international associates, consultants, trainers and coaches.

FirmLeaders wants to make the world a better place: organisation by organisation. A lot of our life is spent at work and there is no reason that it can’t be done with fun!